The family-owned company Brezavšček started back in 1957, when Mirko Brezavšček started renovating headstones and monuments. His dedication and patience has brought him—with his father's support—to learning the secrets of the craft and becoming a renowned master.


In 1966, he managed to start a company and in 1968 he began building a workshop near Nova Gorica, thus laying the foundations for his company. He began recruiting skilled workers and—to his great joy—both sons, Dušan and Marko, decided to continue the family tradition.


Reinforced by the addition of the new generation, the company expanded its premises, trained new workers and became a limited-liability company in 1989, giving employment to seventeen workers. The team became renowned for its ability to take on demanding tasks and completing ambitious projects. Consequently, between 2009 and 2012, the company has bought two CNC machines, introduced computer technology for taking measures, designing and manufacturing. Today, Brezavšček ranks amongst the strongest and most advanced stonecutting businesses in Slovenia and in the wider region.


Future developments and expansions are already on their way, as the third generation of the Brezavšček family is being trained to take over the reins.


Contact info

Company name: Brezavšček d.o.o. Kamnoseška dejavnost
Address: Ul. Toma Brejca 16, Kromberk
Phone: +386 5 335 20 00
Fax: +386 5 335 20 21
GSM: +386 51 347 621
E-mail: info@brezavscek.si
VAT: 44820232
Reg. number : 5292638
IBAN: SI56 - 04750-0000122174 KBM
IBAN: SI56 - 02544-0257731027 NLB
Director: Marko Brezavšček
Sales Department: Vesna Brezavšček
Sales Department: Evgen Šuligoj