As change seems to be the only constant in these challenging and exciting times, we are very aware of the need to constantly develop and adapt our manufacturing processes, while exploring new opportunities.


We are already using advanced tools, computerised systems and CNC technology to guarantee the best quality and to effectively manage the production of unique products.


We are paying much attention to the training and professional advancement of our personnel, which must be familiar with all the latest achievements in technology, while mastering the older, manual aspects of stonecutting. Our products are therefore manufactured with the utmost accuracy and enriched by the touch of human hands, an unavoidable element in the restoration of artefacts and creation of modern and unique products.



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Contact info

Company name: Brezavšček d.o.o. Kamnoseška dejavnost
Address: Ul. Toma Brejca 16, Kromberk
Phone: +386 5 335 20 00
Fax: +386 5 335 20 21
GSM: +386 51 347 621
VAT: 44820232
Reg. number : 5292638
IBAN: SI56 - 04750-0000122174 KBM
IBAN: SI56 - 02544-0257731027 NLB
Director: Marko Brezavšček
Sales Department: Vesna Brezavšček
Sales Department: Evgen Šuligoj